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NEW designations for 2022; VMware vExpert, San Diego VMUG Leader role, Microsoft MCT, Microsoft MVP nomination and VMware vExpert App Modernization

My new website and blog are starting to take shape. The journey has begun, and we have some cool links to begin the discussions...Stay tuned - There are EXCITING improvements on the way

4/3/2022 - BUSY busy season

Testing new font for readability...updated pages and added Credly achievement verification, added new images, updated focus to App Modernization (vExpert Sub-program)

Calendar - Important Dates

VMUG Meetings, Events, User Conferences (Leader and/or Participant)

San Diego VMware User Group with Enstal @ Brewskis 3/31/2022

Seatlle VMware User Conference 4/28/2022

Socal VMware User Conference 5/19/2-22

___ Feeling Accomplished ____

VMware -

  • VMware vExpert award 2022/2023

  • VMware vExpert aware submission vExpert App Modernization 2022

  • VMware User Group Leader - San Diego.

Microsoft -

    • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect 2022/2023

    • Microsoft Certified Trainer 2022/2023

Recent Thoughts...

VMWare - Catapulted from a small startup in the late 90s and early 2000's to the behemoth it is today through innovation, strong leadership, and the best talents in the industry. I remember those early days with fond memories, remember Service Console and the long-heated discussions on whether it’s Linux or not... This new technology stack helped propel my career into the next phase of the journey and provided a solution for businesses to significantly reduce cost and downsize data centers and computer rooms through this not-new-at-all concept called virtualization. VMware virtualization with the tried-and-true ability to live vMotion a server (virtual machine or VM) was an evolution that well beyond the previous iterations of virtualization, IBM VM/370*, and increased demand for this new technology.

VMware continued to thrive and grow its market dominance leading to disruption in many segments of the old solid legacy footholds bringing a fresh new look to storage, networking, firewalls, desktops, observability, monitoring, and let us not forget Cloud Foundry and vCloud Air. VMware partnered with industry leaders to deliver on its promise to developed new technologies that highlighted shortcomings by their peers and allowed an opportunity to bring to life products and services across the compute, network, storage, security, management, and multi-datacenter connectivity for business continuity - Always on and available.

VMware leads today by embracing new frontiers and providing simple elegant solutions to drive the digital transformation enabling customers to develop, build, deploy and manage systems. services and applications in a digital world. In fact, VMware leads the charge in offering VMware solutions in most Teir1 Cloud Providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services, to name a few and enabling businesses to take advantage of cost savings and freedom of choice.

This time around VMware is investing heavily into the Open-Source community, strategic acquisitions, and solid partnerships with leading Cloud providers that will continue to sustain and flourish its growth well into the future. I look forward to this journey and continuing my partnering with VMware and the growing community of talented people all over the world. Let us create a better tomorrow together.

Charles Morin

1/3/2022 - Something new I am working on "Software for Open Networking In the Cloud". With the purchase of Mellanox by Nvidia, Nvidia is driving the new conversation on Open Networking with Cumulus 5.0. Get started today with Nvidia Cumulus in VMware ESXi or your Homelab using VMware Workstation...